Top 18 Project Management Methodologies
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Top 18 Project Management Methodologies

Top 18 Project Management Methodologies

Your project management methodology is essentially a blueprint for the project. Critical Chain PM is one of the newer out there. It was developed as an alternative to the Critical Path method with a focus on resource management.

Project management methodologies

Extreme programming lessens the aftermath of project runs and mitigates data risks. Choose whether you want to zoom in on a single List, an entire Folder, or even all Spaces across your Workspace in Board view. For teams that prefer Kanban project management, Board’s view powerful drag-and-drop interface is perfect for visualizing tasks in progress. ClickUp Dashboards are a time-saving resource to share high-level views with project stakeholders or project progress with anyone in their Workspace!

Extreme Project Management (XPM)

After you turn in the final deliverables and wrap up loose ends, it’s advantageous to assess the performance of team members and resources. Doing this in-depth evaluation will help you choose a methodology that aligns with your goals, your team’s capabilities, and your stakeholder’s requirements perfectly. From the above section, it is clear that different PM methodologies are better suited for different projects. You wouldn’t want to use PRiSM for a software project, just as you wouldn’t want to use Agile for big real-estate development. CCPM works best in environments where resources are devoted to a single project.

Project management methodologies

You also map out the interdependencies between resources and allocate them accordingly to each task. Instead of tasks being assigned, team members choose what they want to work on. Scrumban places a hard limit on how many tasks can be in progress simultaneously. The Hybrid methodology focuses on gathering and analyzing requirements initially – a nod to the Waterfall method. From thereon, it takes the flexibility of the Agile approach with an emphasis on rapid iterations.

Lean Six Sigma

This methodology takes stock of task order and deadlines but doesn’t use those parameters as its driving force. CCPM is a relatively newer methodology that asserts a focus on the sustainability of resources. The critical path method can be used when important product updates are at stake. If you are stuck with necessary approvals courses for project manager on projects, you can use CPM to schedule your tasks in accordance with tentative dates. This project management method takes into account the criticality of the problem and provides a relevant solution. In the business scenario, project management methodology is an evaluation of a company’s financial and team skillset.

NPI streamlines time and efforts to achieve desired results by carefully vetting new ideas and surveying customers. Project managers use the Critical Path Method to define the critical and non-critical tasks for timely delivery. After listing every activity and task required for completion, they will note dependencies and write a sequence of times for each. Get all our templates, tips, and fresh content so you can run effective, profitable, low-stress projects in your agency or team. You recognize the deliverables, then use past experience to map out the tasks required to complete the project.

Over time, project managers have developed a plethora of methodologies for how they orchestrate and control their projects, with the inclusion of project management software. The PRINCE2 project management methodology is globally adopted because of its practical and adaptive framework to divide projects into controllable stages. It focuses on an orderly approach in a project’s lifespan from beginning to end. The PRINCE2 methodology directly impacts day-to-day routines to deliver successful projects, from construction development projects to launching social campaigns. The eXtreme Programming methodology takes elements of traditional software engineering practices to, well, extreme levels.

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